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Abhijeet Golhar

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Abhi Golhar

August 20, 1984



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Meet Abhi Golhar

Abhi Golhar is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and media figure, whose experience encompasses print, podcasting, radio, and television appearances. Abhi is the Chief Investment Officer of Summit & Crowne, an Atlanta-based real estate investment firm and has a large presence in media. 

Abhi’s gift for gab and talent for communicating with clients and colleagues led him to create a variety of content across multiple platforms, including his two daily radio shows, The Abhi Golhar Show and Think Realty Radio, alongside his vlog on YouTube. He honed his skill as a popular guest on dozens of podcasts in the entrepreneurship and investing space before launching his first Atlanta-based radio show on the Wall Street Business Network in 2016.

Subsequently tapped as the host of Think Realty’s nationally-syndicated radio show, Think Realty Radio, Abhi can be heard daily on the Wall Street Business Network by more than 600,000 listeners in 35 major markets.

In addition, The Abhi Golhar Show, his live show, can be heard in during the morning drive time on Biz 1190 WAFS in Atlanta.

Abhi began his real estate investment career in 2002 in Detroit, MI and continued growing and developing his knowledge base with investment projects throughout the Midwest. In 2007, he headed to Atlanta to found Summit & Crowne.

As a much-sought-after voice in real estate investment, Abhi has written for a variety of publications including Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post, and industry-specific magazines like Inman and Think Realty. In addition, he has been a popular blogger both at Real Estate Deal Talk and as a guest contributor on other investor and business blogs.

Why should you have Abhi on your podcast/radio/TV show or feature him in an article?

  • Abhi has been on numerous podcasts and has his own live, daily radio show on the Wall Street Business Network.
  • Abhi can speak on many different subjects: passive investing in real estate, fix and flipping, rental properties, small business, entrepreneurship, growth hacking, blogging, success, goal setting, entrepreneurship, and classic cars.
  • Abhi runs his business today. At the beginning of 2017, he had 20+ flips going at once and is constantly looking for opportunities with proven multi-family operators.
  • Abhi loves educating others with a fun attitude, vibrant personality, and doesn’t follow the path of other real estate figures who only sell products.

Interviewer Resources

  • In high school, Abhi Golhar started his first entrepreneurial endeavor – repairing and renovating computers.
  • He became engaged with the field of real estate investing while reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, among other books, at the University of Michigan.
  • Golhar encountered many failures and disappointments on the road to success.
  • Abhi Golhar is Chief Investment Officer at Summit & Crowne and founder of Real Estate Deal Talk.
  • He has a fund that invests in operators of multi-family apartment complexes.
  • Abhi utilizes original podcasts, articles, videos, and radio shows to educate novice and expert real estate investors on successful business and investing methods based on personal experience.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • What is the #1 mistake business owners make that prevents them from finishing well financially?
  • What inspired you to begin investing in real estate?
  • What are the advantages of real estate investing?
  • What is the most important thing someone should consider when starting to invest in real estate?
  • How can passive investors make a solid ROI investing real estate?
  • Why is due diligence and the deal numbers so important in making a decision on a potential investment property?
  • How do you find your real estate deals?
  • What is the biggest lesson that you have learned during your time in real estate investing?
  • Was there a time that you gave up or in over your head?

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Industry Conferences and Publications
Think Realty
American Association of Private Lenders

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